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A group effort to track SARS CoV-2 cellular assays data from around the globe!

This is an open-access tool to keep track of published SARS CoV-2 cellular assays, and those performed by members of the Zitzmann Lab at the University of Oxford SARS-CoV-2 CL3 core facility.

An initiative of the Zitzmann Lab , the BRC translational science team and support of volunteers from SGC , University of Oxford.

Compound Name Alternative name in Publication EC50 [µM] Result CC50 [µM] SARS-CoV-2 Strain Cell Type MOI Assay Cytotoxicity Assay URL

Data as of 22/03/2022

This is a live work in progress! If you:
• Have come across cellular assay results not included in this table,
• Have questions or suggestions about the tracker,
• Or could help improve the tracker,
Please get in touch with us.

Would you like for your compound to be tested? Please contact Prof Nicole Zitzmann.

This work was supported by the University of Oxford COVID-19 internal funds, the Oxford Glycobiology Institute Endowment, and grants to Biochemistry Department Oxford, the Dunn School of Pathology, the NIHR BRC Oxford, and SGC Oxford.

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